Planning status / intent

Local area development plan (current)

Crail Airfield is identified in the Adopted Fife Local Area Development plan as having potential for mixed use development including the continuation for outdoor events, existing and new employment opportunities, multi use commercial or leisure development and holiday accommodation.

Vacant and derelict land survey (current)

The site is identified in the Fife Vacant and Derelict Land Audit and national in the Land Commission, Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey. Indeed by area Crail Airfield is one of the largest sections of vacant derelict land in Fife.

Reducing the amount of vacant and derelict land is a priority for Fife and is part of the Single Outcome Agreement between Fife Council and the Scottish Government.

Planning permission in principle (2023)

Planning permission in principle is a type of application that allows a proposal - a residential development, for example - to be assessed without having to give the details of the layout, design or finish of any buildings.

If granted, it has to be followed with a further applications to agree the details of the development which has to be determined by the local authority before work can start.

Detailed plans are not usually submitted at this stage; a simple red line round the application site is the minimum requirement.

Detailed planning applications (Future)

Once the principle of development has been established through planning permission  in principle and zoning of individual area so the airfield has been established. We will bring forward separate planning applications for different elements and phases of the overall project.