Ground Developments Ltd are proposing the sensitive redevelopment of Crail Airfield with the launch of a new masterplan.

Our plans have the potential to regenerate this nationally significant site–removing its listed buildings from the Buildings At Risk Register, supporting its long-term sustainability and re-establishing its connection with Crail.

The proposal is for a phased masterplan which sets out a framework for the development of the former Crail Airfield as a mixed-used community. Offering opportunities for work, to live and play.

The airfield is divided in to two main parts – The Technical Area and the West Camp.

Within the Technical Area the proposed zoning includes spaces for:

  • An Open-air museum / heritage walk
  • A Hotel
  • Craft village
  • Mixed-use combining seasonal accommodation and business incubators
  • Public event space
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Public green spaces, including areas for rewilding
  • Car parking
  • Caravan and holiday homes parking

Within the West Camp a series of holiday homes are proposed within a simple, adapted landscape, the Gymnasium and Cinema will be converted into a community building, the Category C-listed buildings will be converted into holiday rentals and a series of smaller unlisted buildings will be converted, featuring as military landmarks across the site.

Sustainability and green spaces are at the core of everything proposed. We envisage a community constructed from responsibly sourced materials, using low energy spaces and with significant opportunities for walking and cycling.